SMI Seminar on fundamental interactions and symmetries

The MoEDAL Experiment at the LHC: searching for highly ionising avatars of new Physics

by Prof. Nikolaos Mavromatos (Theory Division, CERN & Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology Group, King's College London)

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 from to (Europe/Vienna)
at SMI - Boltzmanngasse 3, 1090 Wien ( 3-2-08 - Seminarraum )

by Prof. Nikolaos Mavromatos,


In the talk I will review the current status of the MoEDAL experiment at the Large Hadron Collder (LHC) at CERN, which is the seventh (in order of approval) LHC experiment. The experiment is dedicated to searches for Highly Ionising (slow moving long-lived or stable) Particles (HIPs), that are predicted to appear in a plethora of new physics models, including the elusive magnetic monopole, slowly moving, long-lived, charged supersymmetric partners etc. The arrays of plastic nuclear-track detectors and aluminum trapping volumes of MoEDAL provide two independent and passive detection techniques. The experiment has been in full operation already during the RUN I (8 TeV pp collisions) of LHC and continue to do so in the current RUN II (13 TeV pp collisions). In the talk, I will review in detail the relevant searches for magnetic monopoles, during both RUNs. In particular, the search during RUN II probes mass ranges for magnetic monopoles previously inaccessible to collider experiments up to five times the fundamental Dirac charge. Prospects for other searches of new physics with MoEDAL and its upgrades will also be discussed.