HEPHY - SMI seminar on fundamental interactions and symmetries (-2013)

P and T violation in heavy atoms

by Dr. Lorenz Willmann (University of Groningen)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013 from to (Europe/Vienna)
at Stefan-Meyer-Institut ( Lecture Room (2.08), 2nd floor )
Searches for violations of the fundamental discrete symmetries pari-
ty (P), time reversal (T) and charge conjugation (C) provide guidelines
for model building beyond the Standard Model of the electroweak
interactions (SM). Here, experiments are performed on many diffe-
rent energy scales. At low energies searches for permanent elec-
tric dipole moments (EDMs) have a robust discovery potential while
measurements of atomic parity violation (APV) test the electroweak
These effects are strongly enhanced in heavy atomic systems and
they become accessible in precision atomic physics experiment.
The sensitivity of neutral radium towards EDMs arises from its
nuclear and atomic structure which result radium offers the lar-
gest known atomic enhancement factors to nuclear and electron
Furthermore atomic parity violation can be measured in a sing-
le trapped radium ion. The precision determination of the weak
interaction effects can be used to extract the weak mixing angle
best existing experiment. The progress in both experimental ef-
forts will be discussed.
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