SMI Seminar on fundamental interactions and symmetries

Physics with cold highly charged ions - the HITRAP facility

by Dr. Manuel Vogel (GSI)

Wednesday, 3 April 2019 from to (Europe/Vienna)
at SMI - Boltzmanngasse 3, 1090 Wien

Dr. Manuel Vogel
for the HITRAP collaboration


Highly charged ions subject their remaining bound electrons to the most extreme electromagnetic fields available and change their properties drastically. This holds true in particular for their magnetic moments and transition energies and lifetimes. Precision measurements of these quantities allow us to test predictions of QED in a regime yet unavailable and to infer fundamental information about the systems in view. This is possible by optical and microwave spectroscopy of highly charged ions confined in Penning traps and cooled to energies below meV. In this presentation, I will introduce to the HITRAP facility designed to cool highly charged ions from MeV to meV energies, and two experiments currently located at that facility: the ARTEMIS Penning trap experiment for measurements of magnetic moments, where we have observed liquid behaviour in ensembles of highly charged ions, and SPECTRAP, where we have produced ion crystals in a Penning trap for further cooling of highly charged ions to the meV regime.